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New York State Thoracic Society

2024 Conference

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The 2024 Annual New York State Thoracic Society Conference will be held in person on April 11th and 12th at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY.  The location of the event will be: 766 Irving Ave Syracuse, NY 13210

In order to receive the full 12.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits, you must complete the Pre-Test, (prior to the conference) as well as the Post-Test and the Conference Evaluation (after the conference)

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Thursday, April 11th

7:00 AM - Registration/Breakfast

8:00 AM - Advances in COPD Precision Medicine - Matthew Moll, MD, MPH

9:00 AM - Sex and Gender Influences in Sleep Disorders - Carolyn M. D'Ambrosio, MD, MS

10:00 AM - Coffee Break

10:15 AM - Radiology for the ILD Clinician - Rany Condos, MD

11:15 AM - Trudeau Lecture - Early Life Origins of Asthma and Lung Disease- Augusto Litonjua, MD, MPH

12:15 PM - Lunch

1:05 PM - Business Meeting

1:15 PM - Endovascular Therapy for Acute PE- Embracing the Era of Rigorous Clinical Trial Data - Akhilesh Sista, MD, FSIR, FAHA

2:15 PM - Clinical Molecular Prognostic Factors in Lung Cancer - Stephen Graziano, MD

3:15 PM - Coffee Break

3:30 PM - Conundrums from The Fellows Case Files

5:00 PM - Wrap-Up

Friday, April 12th

8:00 AM - Registration/Breakfast

9:00 AM - ARDS Phenotyping - Jeremy Beitler, MD

10:00 AM - Pro/Con- Steroids in CAP - Jeremy Richards, MD, MA, FACP, ATSF & Paritosh Prasad, MD

11:00 AM - Coffee Break

11:15 AM - Goldilocks and the 3 PEEPs: Physiologic Ventilator Titration - Morgan Soffler, MD

12:15 PM - Lunch/Poster Session

2:15 PM - Pulmonary Vasodilators and PH-ILD: How to Treat - Raj Parikh, MD, MPH

3:15 PM - Echocardiography in the ICU - Cynthia Taub, MD, MBA

Saturday, April 13th

 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - NYS PCCM/CCM Fellow Advanced Procedure Course

Accepted fellows only. Nominations to be submitted by Program Director and approved by Executive Committee. Nominations due by Jan 31st, 2024.

Programs should submit 3 nominations in order of preference to attend. Depending on how many programs participate, more than one fellow may be chosen to participate per program. Nomination submissions to include the following info:


-PGY Level



Please contact Andrea Hadcock ( for any questions related to this course.

Getting there:


Parking Garage- 808 S Crouse Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

-Entrance on S. Crouse Ave

C.I.M Parking, 701 Irving Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

-Parking is available at the corner of Irving Ave. and East Adams St., across the street from Crouse hospital. You may access the garage from an entrance on Irving Ave. 24 hours a day or from South Crouse Ave. up until 6 p.m.

Do not park at Upstate Parking Garages. The garages are not close to the conference location and there is no access through the hospital to get to the conference

Conference Location:

Exact address is 766 Irving Avenue, Syracuse NY 13210. The Conference is located in Setnor Hall in the Atrium.


See attachment in materials


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